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Upper Delaware Current

Cold and winter like conditions yesterday provided challenging opportunities to the anglers on the river. Winds were gusting out of the west northwest up to 30 miles an hour snow was accumulating and blowing sideways. Anglers challenging the conditions were able to connect on a few nice fish on small size 18 pheasant tails. A few bugs were seen and the promise of future hatches were confirmed as a few blue quills fought to emerge only to find winter weather for their courting ritual. Today should be not quite as raw with little precipitation in the am (snow).  Wind will still be kickin at 12-20 out of the NW. The river levels are in great shape with the branches dropping into ideal wading conditions. The Main at Lordville  is pushing 3770 cfs @ 41 degrees this am.

The weekend weather is looking much better with climbing temps and more abundant sunshine to bring the water temps up into low 50’s.  Ideal conditions to get fish fired up and feeding. Best time to go fishing? Whenever you can! See you on the river.

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