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Good morning! And a great morning it is. Abundant sunshine and a beautiful weekend to look forward to. River levels and color are extraordinary! The forecast of abundant sunshine and moderate winds (NW, 8-12) should yield ample opportunities for anglers this weekend. A few blue quills have been spotted over the last couple days in spite of the frigid temperatures of late. I anticipate that we will see more dry fly activity over the next few days as water temperatures rise and river levels drop into great wadeable conditions. I think we’re at least two weeks away from the first Hendricksons on the upper river and branches, but the early hatch (Blue Qills, Quill Gordon, BWO, little black stones and caddis) dry fly activity ┬áis sure to get things going.

Frigid temps over the past few days yielded multiple nice fish to small copper bead head pheasant tails sizes 18 to 16. A few fish were taken on streamers. As water levels continue to drop we should see a significant rise in water temperature which should kick the bugs in the butt and get things moving. If you have the time to get up here now would be a good time to knock some of the dust off of your gear. Wader up and get out the dry fly floatant. Things are about to bust loose! See you on the water!

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